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Cartoon: John Kerry's Middle East travel tips
Daily Kos
Senator Obama may become President Obama, and Michelle Obama might run for office. If your diary covers an election or elected official, use election tags, which are generally the state abbreviation followed by the office. CA-01 is the first district ...

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SDCC: Cast, Crew Plot Their "Assault on Arkham"
Comic Book Resources
The building that houses Amanda Waller's office is Nakatomi Plaza, a building that his father designed for the movie, "Die Hard." ... "It's a lot of fun to do. I love playing the character. The challenge is to keep it fresh and to keep it present and ...

TGIF: Movie capsule reviews for week of Aug. 1
The movie version was written and directed by D'Souza and John Sullivan, who previously collaborated on “2016: Obama's America,” an under-the-radar box-office hit two years ago. This follow-up should also sell .... The movie is also funny. During most ...

Film Music

Audio: On the Score with Tyler Bates
Film Music
These refugees from Marvel's lesser-known quadrant might not have the box office gold cache of The Avengers. ... Gunn has brought that upstart studio's love of blood, guts, sex and satirical humor to his directorial work on “Slither,” and “Super” (and ...

The Guardian

how American sitcoms depict US cities
The Guardian
I Love Lucy, familiar as breathing to those d'un certain âge, displayed a life in New York as smooth as silk: your man might be a professional bandleader, but he'd still keep office hours as you whiled the day away, gossiping, visiting, maybe dusting a ...

Everyone Should Know These Six Facts About 'Garfield' Creator Jim Davis Just ...
Back in June we celebrated the birthday of America's most apathetic cartoon feline. Today is the birthday of that feline's creator, Jim ... just seems far too perfect to simply be a coincidence. Now, National Lasagna Day wasn't yet a thing when ...

The Free Press, Kinston, N.C., Jon Dawson column
Insurance News Net
Between medicine, cool cloths for their fevered foreheads and unlimited cartoon viewing, parents do everything in their power to make their children comfortable during times of illness. If as a parent you do a half-decent job ... Yes, I know the ...

The Independent

Jokes on Hollywood: 'With comedy film audiences shrinking, it's time to move on'
The Independent
And last year, box-office analysis website, The Numbers, found that audiences for comedy were duly plummeting, too; whereas comedies contributed 25 per cent of total US cinema ticket sales a decade ago, they now contribute in the region of 12 per cent ...

August Movie Preview
Sequels and prequels and reboots continue to be in vogue, as does Disney's continuing mission to recycle from their former glory (Maleficent), yet it seems the narrative throughout the season has been the lagging box office and sense that perhaps the ...

Daily Mail

Why do so many people (including my mum) love this cringe makingly crude ...
Daily Mail
... to anti-funny. It's crude, it's rude and not even so bad it's good. Yet this big-screen adaptation of the popular stage show and BBC television series Mrs Brown's Boys has been one of the hits of the summer. It shot to the top of the UK box office ...

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